Whether winter or summer, under sunrise or moonlight, Midtown Niseko is the perfect base for your Hokkaido adventures

Beyond skiing and snowboarding, visitors of all ages can experience a host of other exhilarating activities in Niseko such as snowmobile adventures, snowshoeing, snow rafting or reindeer sledding just to name a few. Discover a world of fun and excitement right on your doorstep.

In green season Niseko slowly bursts to life. The mountains remain snow capped for blue sky skiing as the lowland thaws with flowing rivers, blossoming flower fields and greens rolling fast as the golf courses open. Summer in Niseko is warm and pleasant with mild temperatures and low humidity.

There’s nothing quite like Niseko in winter

The secret’s out. Niseko’s colder months are truly a winter wonderland. Frigid air from Siberia is pushed south to Hokkaido, picks up moisture from the Sea of Japan, and unloads incredible amounts of snow on the first thing in its path: Niseko. This “snow machine” produces the most consistent snowfall in the entire world during the winter months. Niseko has recently erupted in popularity for powder-hungry skiers and snowboarders.

Go wild in white season

Enjoy the snowy season with these epic winter activities handpicked by the Midtown Niseko team.

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Ski and snowboard guiding is essential in Niseko if you want to make the most out of your time in the powder kingdom. Whether you want to be shown the best terrain around the resort or embark on a backcountry adventure we recommend HANAZONO Powder Guides. Let the professionals guide you to the secret spots closely guarded by locals. Click here for further information.

We selected the best shops to partner with for our guests and chose Niseko Sports for ski retail and rental equipment. Niseko Sports offers the most convenient locations in Niseko, so you know you are not far from a shop should you need any help with your rental equipment. Click here for further information.

Niseko United is made of up 4 separate resorts: Hanazono, Grand Hirafu, Niseko Village and Annupuri. You can purchase lift passes with access to all 4 for the ultimate adventure or just half the mountain – the Hanazono and Grand Hirafu resort areas. Click here to buy lift tickets.

Ski and snowboard guiding is essential in Niseko if you want to make the most out of your time in the powder kingdom. Whether you want to be shown the best terrain around the resort or embark on a backcountry adventure we recommend HANAZONO Powder Guides. Click here to book private and group guiding tours.

Although Niseko has become world famous for skiing and snowboarding due to the beautifully consistent snowfalls in winter, there is still plenty of fun activities outside of snowsports here. Sign up for a photography workshop to sharpen your skills and capture the natural beauty of Hokkaido. Contact our Winter Activities team for more information.

Japan’s best kept secret in Niseko green season

Emerging from one of the snowiest climates in the world, Niseko explodes into summer with a vibrant green landscape. Hokkaido is located just far north enough to avoid the humid and wet rainy season that most of Asia is plagued with, and south of the Russian territories that remain cold all year. The perfect spot. Ideally mild summer temperatures and sunny skies combine with a stunning natural landscape to create Niseko locals’ favorite season.

A green paradise of outdoor adventure

Niseko is truly an outdoorsman’s paradise in summer with mountains, rivers, lakes, and oceans all in close proximity.

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  • Cycling
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  • Other Activities

This is Niseko’s most popular summer activity and varies in nature depending on the time of year. The massive snowpack in the mountains creates high river flows in spring. Adrenaline junkies should ensure they book for the spring melt from late April until early June when the Shiribetsu river flows in full force. Click here for more information.

After Niseko sheds its winter coat, the landscape transforms back into the original major industry in the area: farming. The wonderfully fertile volcanic soil and sunny but mild summers shape ideal farming conditions. As a result, the Niseko summer season is also famous for food! Click here for more information.

Hokkaido is quickly making a name for itself as an internationally-renowned golf destination. Perfectly mild weather in summer provides the most comfortable temperature for hitting the links. Moreover, the dazzling natural beauty of Hokkaido’s “Green Season” creates the perfect backdrop for 18 holes. Click here for more information.

The mild and clear weather during Niseko’s summer creates a perfect environment for a slew of outdoor activities. But one, in particular, is booming in popularity: cycling! Niseko roads are a cyclist’s dream during the summer months. Long, flowing, and winding around spectacular natural scenery. Click here for more information.

Summer marks “matsuri” or festival season in Japan. Just about every town throws its own party, celebrating what makes each of them unique. Delicious food, fireworks displays, street parades, traditional music, dance, and costume all play a part in these festivities. Click here for more information.

Trekking is possibly the best way to immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Hokkaido’s summer. Niseko is surrounded by mountains, giving hikers many options to explore in the immediate vicinity. Click here for more information.

There is so much to do in Niseko during the “Green Season”, it’s impossible to list everything! River activates branch out from traditional rafting with ducky and canyoning tours with HANAZONO Niseko Resort. Contact our Summer Activities team for more information.